Tips for Excel 97/98/2000/XP

You can find tips about Microsoft Excel 97/98/2000. Most of the tips are english version, a few are german version.
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English articles

Add a dropdown list to a cell in Excel
An organization tip for (UserForm) control freaks in Excel
Automatically display a specific Excel sheet
Calculate the number of days between two dates
Change Excel's default number of worksheets
Change the way you enter formulas in Excel revisited
Changing quickly relative cell reference
Copying data validation rules to other cells
Create an Outlook 98 task item from directly from Excel
Creating a custom fill series in Excel
Creating hyperlinks using Excel's HYPERLINK() function
Create links in Excel to Outlook contacts
Disable in-cell editing or create hyperlinks to recapture an old shortcut in Excel
Disabling truncated pull-down menus
Easily create multiple sums in Excel at once
Eight timesaving Excel shortcuts
Enter repetitive data quickly
Freeze Excel column and row titles
Go to the cell at the end of a range
Moving worksheets between Excel workbooks
Quickly add sheets to an Excel workbook
Quickly create weekly column headings in Excel revisited
Quickly sum cell values without modifying a worksheet
Restrict cell data input to certain values
Select an Entire Range of Cells in Excel
Setting Excel's print area
Share a workbook
Taking advantage of Excel's Name box
The One Excel 2000 Keyboard Shortcut Everyone Should Know Turn off the Excel splash screen


German articles

Anzahl der Werte größer Null ermitteln
Differenz bis zum Monatsende berechnen

Doppelte Einträge in Excel verhindern
Fehlende Datenpunkte in Diagrammen
Formatierungen schnell kopieren
Formelzellen in einer Tabelle einfärben
Hyperlink in ein Diagramm einfügen
Leistungsfähige Auswertungen mit wenigen Mausklicks
Rahmenlinien in Excel-Tabellen zeichnen
Symbole per Doppelklick einfügen
Tastenkombinationen innerhalb der Datei-Dialoge von Office 2000
Tastenkombinationen für Excel
Undokumentierte Doppelbelegung von Excel-Symbolen
Verknüpfte Dateien schnell öffnen und relevante Bereiche finden
Verknüpfungen in Excel 2000/2002 optimal im Griff haben
Wie kann ich mit Excel die Differenz zweier Zeiten berechnen?


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