Tips for Microsoft PowerPoint

Tips regarding Microsoft Powerpoint 97/98/2000.
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English articles

Accessing the Title Master in a new PowerPoint presentation
A "dummy" PowerPoint file can save load time
Animating a bouncing image in PowerPoint
Animate individual pie pieces in PowerPoint
A trick for reducing PowerPoint file size
Blanking your screen during a slide show
Changing the color of PowerPoint's pen
Create a PowerPoint presentation from an existing outline
Create a presentation from a Word document
Creating patterned lines in PowerPoint
Cycle through open PowerPoint presentations
Draw and erase during PowerPoint slide shows
Know what you're selecting in a PowerPoint chart
Spell checking organization charts in PowerPoint
Quickly align or distribute objects in PowerPoint
Quickly add shape to your PowerPoint text boxes
Quickly insert a blank slide in PowerPoint
Selecting objects in PowerPoint  
Return to the first slide during a PowerPoint slide show

German articles

Erstellen einer Fotoalbumspräsentation in PowerPoint 2002
So reduzieren Sie die Größe von PowerPoint-Grafiken